Ballarat Iyengar Yoga

Ballarat Iyengar Yoga grew out of Daylesford Yoga, established in 2003 by Shayna Ogden. Ballarat Iyengar Yoga studio opened in 2013 and brings to Ballarat 10 years of experience and expertise from our school in Daylesford.

Ballarat Iyengar Yoga is distinguished from other yoga schools in Australia for a variety of reasons:

We work quickly but mindfully in class, so students get to learn many poses relatively quickly. It also means that students work strongly and with intensity.

The detailed instructions given during the classes harness your mind causing it to go inward. This process is described as ‘meditation in action’. This mindful approach ensures that at the end of the class, your mind is quiet and still. Mindfulness during practice also keeps you mentally alert and attentive.

We don’t teach the same sequences in each class. We teach the full range of yoga postures, taking into account the level of the class. Practising a variety of postures is important to keep students interested. This means that students learn a large range of postures rather than a select few as often taught in other styles.

Classes are graded into levels – so that the appropriate postures are given to the appropriate level of the students. Beginners do not attend classes with more experienced practioners.

All classes are taught in a safe manner. Shayna’s experience with therapeutic yoga means that classes are presented in a manner that is suitable for each level. We emphasise not over doing or going beyond your ability. You are taught how to work at the level that is right for you. You’re also given props to assist in achieving the pose.

Each posture is taught in a manner that is challenging for your level, ensuring focus, interest and progress in your yoga learning.

The Beginners and Transition to Level 1 classes, are only 1.5 hours.This means that you can go to yoga fast. At the same time you learn a lot and are completely exercised. Shorter classes means greater opportunity to fit in more yoga classes per week, and this is what progresses your practice quickly, building your health and wellbeing.


The precise verbal instructions given for each yoga posture are detailed and useful, without being wordy or vague. The instructions are focussed on helping you get into the positions correctly – both to avoid injury but also to derive the maximum benefit from each posture to contribute to your health and wellbeing.

You get regular, individual physical or verbal corrections by the yoga teacher, helping you improve your performance of a posture. This ensures it works better for you both externally and internally.

Most of our Beginner classes have one or two assistants helping the teacher in the class. The assistants, at the direction of the teacher help to correct each student, giving physical adjustments where required. Receiving individual physical adjustments helps you to learn the alignment of the postures very quickly.

We have implemented a teaching syllabus that co-ordinates weekly posture and philosophy themes and sequences. All staff teach from the syllabus so there is continuity from class to class and also between teachers. This means that you get a balanced variety of yoga postures that are stimulating and different. The syllabus is designed to progress the student’s yoga learning at each level. This means you get ongoing improvement of your own yoga practice.

As appropriate, yoga demonstrations are used to show you what to do, without so much time being spent on demonstrations that the yoga class becomes too slow.