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Conversion to Inversions

March 5, 2016

Why do we do inversions in Iyengar yoga? by Shayna Ogden Sitting in my local library chatting to an erstwhile yoga student, I was contemplating subject material for my next blog instalment. I asked her if she had any burning questions to ask about yoga. What is it that she most wanted to know about yoga? “Inversions” she replied. “What…

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Why are we concerned about menstruation in Iyengar yoga?

December 2, 2015

by Shayna Ogden An Iyengar yoga teacher will usually enquire as to who is menstruating each class. For some people this can be an awkward or embarrassing question. It is not meant to be. In yoga, it is advised that menstruating women practise a sequence specific to their condition rather than join in with the general class. This is because…

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Home Practice

August 26, 2014

By Jules White. ‘Why not meet up and practice once a week together?’ Based upon these wise words of our yoga teacher, Jo and I embarked on a whole new world of home practice. As you can see from our photo we listened and gave it a shot. We practiced for about an hour with all the distractions you can…

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My Left Leg – Yoga and Injuries

March 6, 2014

Some time ago Shayna mused to me (and to newsletter readers) how swimming was bad for her yoga. While not entirely dismissive I pondered how much 25 minutes (at most) of swimming, crammed in while children were having lessons, could possibly affect your yoga. Now into my second season of soccer with the local seniors I can say that Shayna’s…

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