Teens Yoga

Teens Yoga
12 years +

A challenging yoga class of stretching, jumping and turning yourself upside down and inside out. Will still teach these classes rapidly but begin to introduce some of the detail and subtelty of yoga. Clases include speed, variety and challenges.

Yoga helps to keep teenagers grounded and happy during this sometimes challenging time of life.

Benefits of yoga for teenagers:

  • increase courage and self-confidence
  • enhanced flexibility
  • Improved motor skills, balance and coordination
  • Develops perception and awareness (of self and others)
  • Builds social skills
  • develops focus, concentration and memory
  • teaches determination, perseverance and patience

Cost: $72 for 6 weeks

Casual Classes: $15 per class

Time: Fridays 4 pm-4.50pm

Dates: during school terms

Starts Feb 3

Buy teenagers casual class $15

Buy teenagers 6 week pass $72