Friday Intensive Yoga Classes

Booking essential

These intensive classes are suitable for those who have some previous yoga experience. If you’re a new beginner, we recommend our Beginners Yoga Course. This series of classes are specifically designed to help students who have completed a Beginners course and those currently attending General or Experienced classes to develop a stronger understanding of asanas and pranayama. These classes are open to students from other yoga styles keen on finding out about the Iyengar approach to yoga at BIY. Please refer to BIY terms and conditions before joining an intensive class.

Friday Night Intensives are scheduled for the following dates:

  • Friday                    15 March 2019
  • Friday                    17 May 2019
  • Friday                    2 August 2019
  • Friday                    20 September 2019
  • Friday                    1 November 2019

When: 5.30 – 8 pm
Price: $45