Summer Beginners

To enure that all our beginner students have classes to continue attending over the christmas period, we have created a special $49 pass to allow you to attend unlimited beginners classes from 19 Dec – 8 Jan.

You have come so far in your yoga journey that it would be a shame to stop during the holiday season. We know that once you have stopped doing something such as yoga, finding the motivation to restart can be difficult. Even though you have experienced the positive benefits of yoga and enjoy the classes, it can still be hard to continue a good healthy habit.

From our experience in yoga practice (and collectively we over 50 years between us) – it is better not to stop doing yoga in the first place. You can cut down, take a few days off yoga over the holidays by all means – but don’t stop completely. Keep up the positive inertia by coming to classes. You will be pleased with yourself.

Buy one of the passes available to our student beginners to allow you to keep coming.
Consider it your Christmas gift – to yourself!

Monday 19-Dec 6pm
Wednesday 21-Dec 7.30pm
Friday 23-Dec 9.30am
Saturday 24-Dec CLOSED
Sunday 25-Dec CLOSED
Monday 26-Dec CLOSED
Wednesday 28-Dec 7.30pm
Friday 30-Dec 9.30am
Saturday 31-Dec 9am
Sunday 1-Jan CLOSED
Monday 2-Jan 6pm
Wednesday 4-Jan 7.30pm
Friday 6-Jan 9.30am
Saturday 7-Jan 9am
Sunday 8-Jan 4pm
New Beginners Course (7-week course) starts Mon 9-Jan

Summer Beginners Yoga Pass

Especially for our continuing beginner students.


  • Unlimited Beginners Yoga Classes
  • 19 Dec – 8 Jan

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Beginners Casual


  • Join our popular Beginners Yoga Classes on a casual basis

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Our next full beginners course starts on 9 Jan and runs for 7 weeks and you can attend unlimited classes. You can repeat this course if you wish or, if you have done beginers already, you can sign up for one of our Transition to Level 1 or Mixed level classes.

Beginners Early Bird


  • 7 weeks of Unlimited Beginners Yoga Classes
  • Commencing Monday 9th Jan

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