About Direct Debit

    1. At any time, the direct debit can be downgraded to less classes per week, or upgraded to more.
    2. With the Direct Debit system, you are welcome to suspend your pass if you are going on holiday, travelling for business or unable to practice due to serious illness or injury.
    3. The suspension can be for any period, as long as the minimum period of 2 wks is observed (see below)
    4. Several day’s notice by email prior to the suspension date is required (so we can activate in time)
    5. Make-ups are permitted if you miss a class. It is an honours system, but can be checked electronically.
    6. Direct debit cannot be suspended while classes are being made up.
    7. Direct debit payments renew automatically each week, fortnight or month, until you notify the studio that you wish to pause or suspend your pass.
  • If you are unsure that Direct Debit will work for you, then a ten-class pass, at $20 per class, is a good option.
  • Direct debit gives you the lowest cost classes.
  • Given that the direct debit system offers very cheap yoga classes, you would have to miss a lot of classes before the cheaper option becomes the 10 class pass.