Yoga Teacher Training


The yoga teacher training program is conducted as a series of weekend workshops over a 2.5 year period. The program is conducted by Shayna Ogden, senior Iyengar yoga teacher. The course is designed to meet the teacher training requirements of the Iyengar Yoga Australia, which requires that students attend 300 hours of a yoga teacher training program.

The focus of the teacher training course is to give an overall understanding of the methods of teaching Asana and Pranayama in accordance with the method developed by B.K.S Iyengar. The course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to teach yoga.

Course Content

The yoga teacher training program will examine the different aspects of teaching yoga, observation, hands on adjusting and communication. Trainees will practice adjusting and teaching each other.The course involves 5 distinct aspects:

  • deepening your own personal practice
  • learning the basic techniques of teaching yoga (asana & pranayama)
  • understanding yoga theory and knowledge concerning use of props, common problems in a class, class design for beginners and asanas for menstruation.
  • the history of yoga and yogic philosophy; and
  • yoga anatomy and physiology

 Who can do Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is for students with three years of Iyengar yoga experience. The course will also benefit students who do not intend to teach but wish to further their yoga study. Each weekend is presented as a discreet module. We have designed the teacher training program such that new trainees can join in each weekend. If you are interested but not sure whether you are ready for yoga teacher training and would like to discuss it, contact Shayna at BIY...


2018 Yoga Teacher Training Course Dates:

  • Dates for 2018 to be announced soon

Dates are subject to change from time to time and need to be confirmed with BIY.

3 Day Yoga Teacher Training Weekend Schedule

Friday 5.30 – 8.00 pm Asana Class
Saturday 7 – 8.45 am Led Practice
Saturday 1 – 4 pm Theory of asana, practice and teaching.
Sunday 7 – 9.15 am Led Practice
Sunday 9.15 – 9.45 am Theory of asana, practice and teaching.
Sunday 11.30 am – 12.45 pm Theory of asana, practice and teaching.
Sunday 2 – 3.30 pm Philosophy discussion, questions concerning teaching and yoga for therapy
Sunday 3.45 – 5 pm Inversions, Restorative asanas, Pranayama, Savasana

Call for Expressions of Interest for 2018 Intake

Our next teacher training program will start in March 2018. The weekend dates for this course will be set soon. If you are interested in participating in this course, please register your expression of interest by sending us an email to

Free Information Session

To help ensure that all prospective 2018 course participants fully understand the course requirements and expected commitment and to answer any questions you may have, we will run a short teacher training information session on:

Saturday 18 November, 11am – 1pm

During this session we will conduct a short led practice session followed by a group discussion about Iyengar yoga teacher training. Attendance at this session is free. Attendance does not oblige you to sign up for the course.

Participating in the course does not necessarily mean that you want to be a yoga teacher but to learn more about yoga.

Please let me know if you will be attending the session on Sat 18 Nov by email

2018 – 20 Yoga Teacher Course Outline

Download and read our course outline to see if yoga teacher training is for you.



The 2018 – 20 course requires students to attend four 3 day residential yoga retreats. Attendance at all of these retreats is required to complete the course. The retreats are held twice per year. During retreats, there will be some sessions set aside specifically for teacher trainees, where we will examine and practice assisting. Trainees will be expected to assist Shayna during some classes.

The price of each retreat will vary each year depending on the venue. We will try and keep the retreat costs to a reasonable level by choosing low cost but suitable accommodation. The price of each retreat is not included in the Yoga Teacher Training price.

Assisting in Classes

Before a teacher trainee is ready for undertaking assessment, they must have completed 100 hours of observing and assisting in classes. Assisting in classes forms an essential and compulsory component of the Yoga Teacher Training program.

For teacher trainees local to Ballarat, assisting takes place across the course of each week with trainees assisting in classes taught by Shayna. For trainees who live remote to BIY, there is the option to undertake the assisting process in blocks, where the trainee would stay in Ballarat for a week at a time and assist in all appropriate classes for that week.


At the completion of 300 hours of yoga teacher training and 100 hours of assisting, a trainee may be ready to sit for assessment to gain certification as an Introductory level Iyengar yoga teacher. Completion of the training and assisting hours does not guarantee that a trainee will be ready for assessment.

Not all students, will necessarily wish to work towards this. Some may choose to undertake the teacher training program to improve their knowledge and understanding of their own yoga practice.


Written assignments, individual and group presentations will form an important component of yoga study in this course. The average weekly commitment in terms of reading and assignment preparation is 2 hours.


Adjusting Adho Mukha Svanasana
Explaining Malasana with support for knees
Assisting urdhva dhanurasana
Adjusting the shoulders during yoga teacher training


2018-20 Course Cost

There are three payment options below:


Pay for 13 weekends in full, up front by the first weekend of attendance –   $4,300
2 Payment Plan $4500.  3 payments as outlined below:

  • First payment of $1500 by first weekend
  • Second payment of $1500 by third weekend
  • Final payment of $1500 by fifth weekend
3 Pay casually, $370 per weekend ($4810 for 13 weekends)


2018-20 Enrolment

Please download and complete the BIY Teacher Training application form and return to us via email.