No more dead-end jobs, or under-paid roles.
Do work you love that makes a difference.

Become a yoga teacher & get the option to a franchise. 

Franchise opportunities available throughout Australia and Asia.
Become a yoga instructor with global certification.

Guarantee: If not satisfied, your money back.

Choose 13 days of yoga teacher training during Aug - Oct 2016.

Early Bird teacher training gives you $1000 OFF until 80% full. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Pay with easy  instalments*, or once only.
Open to all age groups. Men & women.

Training is held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sunshine Coast (near Brisbane). Option of 13 day intensive if you wish, with one visit to the Sunshine Coast.


BENEFITSyoga reduces cancer risk INCLUDE: *

  • Early Bird Discounts of $1,000 off teacher training package and $2,000 off yoga franchising package
  • Detox package to get you underway with a healthier lifestyle
  • 6 months of free yoga classes at a Peak Physique Studio (SA/Qld only)
  • Access to studio facilities outside class hours (SA/Qld only)
  • Private Facebook Group where presenations and materials are available
  • Group consultation on Teacher Training Progress 1-2 times per year
  • Private consultation on Teacher Training Progress 1-2 times per year
  • Coaching discussion twice per year on running a yoga business
  • First choice of yoga franchise locations
  • Preferred accommodation choices at some teacher training venues.

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Do it yourself... or tell your friends, relatives or partner.

*depending on the package you choose

Dates & Format for Peak Physique Teacher Training Program 2016

Part One

Part one of the program is two weekends in each of 4 states, in August or September 2016.


Brisbane 6, 7, 20 and 21 August

Adelaide 13, 14, 27 and 28 August

Sydney 10, 11, 24 and 25 September

Melbourne 3, 4, 17 and 18 September

Sunshine Coast 26 to  29 September

There are a total of 20 days of teaching in Part One. You need to complete 4 days, in a way that covers the normal curriculum. That would mostly be done in 2 successive weekends in your city. However, trainees can come to a weekend in any state, and can come to more than one ..... depending on what suits.  (it is recommended that you come to a whole weekend, rather than mixing and matching particular days).

Part Two

October 1 to 9  Sunshine Coast at Nambour

(all students will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation to the Sunshine Coast)


**Franchise sales subject to successful interview for franchise buyer, but an instalment can be made pending that interview completion


ALSO GET:Downward Dog yoga

  • Yoga Alliance certification that is recognised throughout the world
  • Access to a part-time job outside of normal business hours
  • Support to start your own franchised studio in any part of Asia or Australia
  • Access to a popular yoga trend of hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, and warm or cold variations.
  • A network of wonderful new friends
  • A skill that gets you jobs throughout the world
  • Ongoing personal development as an individual and leader
  • A program run by certified yoga teachers

We expect to fill all spots, and space is limited. Buy your hot yoga pass teaching or franchise package now to obtain the our special Early Bird rate!  


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THAT MAKES A BETTER WORLD.Yoga reduces stress

Become a part of the Peak Physique Hot Yoga Family. You can be a yoga teacher, or owner of a yoga franchise, or both.

As a yoga franchisee you also get:

  • Low capital investment with easy terms
  • Smart business model
  • Ongoing training & support
  • Cross memberships with client database
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • In House Teacher Training
  • Run your business with high income and low costs
  • Help people live a happier life
  • Providing affordable Hot Yoga for students
  • Affordable Franchise model for owners

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Do hot yoga and get these benefits:

  • improvement of injuries and prevention of new injuries
  • improved cardio vascular fitness
  • improved muscle strength
  • Strong core
  • weight loss
  • body toning
  • improved brain function
  • improved mental fitness
  • improved hormone and thyroid function
  • clear skin
  • improved arthritis symptoms
  • improved diabetic symptoms
  • improved digestion
  • reduced stress levels
  • improved emotional health
  • makes other exercise easier and less painful
  • decrease appetite
  • improved sweat gland function

Persons of any age can do this type of yoga.

If you have questions, you can call Luciana on Mobile 0457 695 123. You can call 7 days a week, 7am - 9pm; if Luciana is unavailable, leave a message or text her, and she will call you back promptly.

This is some of the best value and highest quality yoga in Australia and Asia.

Please act now. Book or learn more about your yoga teacher course or franchise package, or both, & put the dates your diary.


What others say about hot yoga, or Peak Physique teaching and franchisees.

"My favourite part was making new friends and furthering my own practice. I am definitely excited about becoming a Hot Yoga teacher. I am excited because it means I finally am able to impart my own benefits to others. I am excited to be ale to show people how amazing yoga is for every day life.  Becoming a yoga teacher will not only allow you to teach others all the mazing things yoga can give you, but it will also change your life and the way you view everything. "

“The teacher training was the most amazing experience. In only 4 short weeks, I learnt so much about the history of yoga and learned such an in depth description of the poses. Also, I have grown as a person and learned so much about myself. I have met the most beautiful and like minded people. I am positive we will all be life long friends. The course was mentally and physically demanding,but also well worth the sense of achievement at the end. I cant wait to teach a class. :-)”

Jess J
"Wow... what an amazing full on 4 weeks!!! From day 1 to the exam Mike and Suz always believed in us. Such a positive group, encouraging and pushing each other. In particular, I loved learning about the philosophy of Yoga - how in depth yoga is and can be. I'm excited about being a hot yoga teacher, I cant wait to share my knowledge and help others to switch off and feel good about themselves. To future teachers - what an amazing journey, you become more focused, stronger in mind and body and learn a lot about yourself. "

"I enjoyed taking my yoga practice to the next level whilst learning about each asana. The group of yogi's were my highlight - a journey with new friends. I am excited about teaching yoga as it's such a wonderful thing. I cant wait to share with my students, friends and family. I would encourage others to do this course as it's not only yoga but a life cleansing experience - one which I have learnt a lot from. "

"The yoga teacher training was extremely enjoyable, I enjoyed every part of the training, the course content was very easy to follow and gave an extensive education on the subject of yoga. The course covered a lot more substance than I imagined. I am extremely excited to become a teacher to share the gift of yoga to all. I feel the course has really made a substantial change to the way I treat others and mainly the way I treat myself. I would encourage any human ready to take  a positive change in their mind, body and soul to take on this course. Face your fears and complete the training course feeling liberated.  "


Payment by instalments is only available online via this page.
It cannot be done at the studio in cash, or any other way. But you can always do it online via your phone.
Classes sell out. Please buy a pass now to get the class times that suit you best.
Full price and instalment passes are non-refundable.