Beginners Course Early Bird

Cut weight & stress, plus get fit and flexible
ANY of 6 Classes a week for 7 weeks

Yoga for Beginners Early Bird Deal

Unlimited Access to up to 42 Classes for $3.07 each
at First Floor, 9-11 Little Bridge St, Ballarat
Early Bird Offer ends midnight Monday 30th October
Pay $129 ($3.07 per class), or with 4 easy instalments* of $32.25.
Early Bird yoga deal, Reduced from $175.
Big refunds available from many private health funds.

Course starts Monday 30th October. 
7 weeks of yoga classes, choose any or all of  6 yoga classes every week. The course runs until 17th December.

Beginner courses are usually able to be claimed with private health funds. The refunds are a big saving. Check with your health fund. If you want, you can learn more about it at the link at the foot of this page.

7 Weeks of Yoga for Beginners Classes.

Pay $129 once or by 4 easy $32.25 instalments*.
Men & women of all age groups welcome.

Start Monday October 30


  • Improved health
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle tone
  • Weight control & reduction
  • Better Sleep
  • Develop better patience & tolerance
  • Stress reduction & management
  • Better sporting performance
  • Make new friends
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Help with pain, menstruation & pregnancy
  • Calmness via yoga or meditation or both
  • Address issues such as libido, menopause, and pelvic floor issues including incontinence.

Do yoga, tell your friends, relatives and partner. Come to as many classes as you like every week, 6 classes per week to choose from. 


Hatha yoga in the Iyengar style, has various advantages over other styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa yoga and hot yoga.

The advantages for you of the Iyengar yoga method taught at this studio are:

  • You get clear instructions detailing how to get into the postures so that you get the benefits of being there. If you are not in the actual yoga posture properly, you can't get its benefits.
  • Because of the clear instruction, you do the poses correctly rather than just rushing through them. Knowing how to do the poses properly gives you independence to practice correctly at home.
  • We use props so you can easily get into the postures no matter what level of flexibility you have.
  • All yoga classes, including Beginner classes, are taught in carefully planned levels. This means you learn bit by bit, in appropriate ways, with people who are at your level.
  • Postures are taught in steps so they are easier to do and learn, and get benefits from. Most other types of studios lump everyone together, at all levels, and don't break postures into appropriate steps and stages.
  • The teachers take the time to give assistance, and know how to do so in an appropriate manner.
  • Iyengar teachers are trained for 400 hours as a minimum, over three years. Teachers in other studios have a fraction of that training, so they can't teach or do yoga as well, or give you as much help and effective instruction.
  • Over time, you are trained in how to do inverted postures like shoulder stand. A significant proportion of yoga benefits come from inversions. Most other studios, including Vinyasa and hot studios, do not do inversions, or don't do them correctly.
  • There is a much smaller chance of injury with the Iyengar method, because of greater teacher assistance, the graded levels at which you are introduced to postures and the detailed instruction that you receive.
  • Hot yoga excludes a large number of people with conditions such as pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause (hot flushes etc) because the over-heated room is unsuitable or even unhealthy for these conditions.  The Iyengar method is inclusive and has a systematic process to help all students do yoga no matter their conditions. 

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Choose 1-6 classes every week.

You can do any or all of our 6 Yoga for Beginners classes a week. Some people do 1 yoga class, others do many classes.
You can pay with easy weekly instalments* of $32.25 per week deducted from your credit card, or a once-only payment of $129.

Both options are available when you click the green buttons.

Our yoga for beginners classes are held at these times:

9.30 -10.45 am
4.00 - 5.15 pm
4 - 5.15 pm
6.00 - 7.00 pm
7.30 - 8.30 pm
7.15 - 8.15 pm

Your yoga for beginners pass is valid for the Beginners 7 week Course.

Space is limited and we often sell out. Buy your pass now to avoid any disappointment.

shutterstock_212790724-smlWITH THIS GREAT VALUE DEAL, YOU'LL ALSO GET:

  • All yoga classes are taught by certified yoga teachers
  • Yoga for beginners classes  at your level, with other Beginners only
  • Assistance getting into poses
  • All equipment and mats provided
  • A warm and modern yoga studio
  • Hatha yoga with interesting sequences and postures
  • No Bikram or hot stuffy rooms
  • Easy and free parking in the centre of Ballarat
  • A community of new friends
  • A space where you can progress at your own pace
  • A program run by one of the very few Senior Yoga Teachers in Victoria (and the only one in Ballarat).


There's no need to book particular classes. Just click through to choose your Beginner's Yoga Package and follow the payment instructions. Then choose your first class from the times listed above.

$32.25 a week for 7 weeks, for a high quality beginner yoga classes, is as good as it gets. You can even pay by instalments.

We recommend that you arrive 10 -15 minutes early, and wear comfortable clothes.

"... Yoga not only takes care of the body, but also brings peace to the mind. With a peaceful mind, you become more tolerant, patient and compassionate. "
BKS Iyengar

Please consider using a dedicated yoga school rather than a gym. Yoga at a gym is not supervised by a Senior Yoga Teacher such as Shayna Ogden and her other highly trained yoga teachers. Yoga at a yoga studio will also give you the best mix of physical exercise, de-stressing, muscle toning, aerobic conditioning, and the medical benefits of yoga.

If you have questions, or for any reason you cannot buy your Beginner's Package online, you can call Shayna on  0412 123 821, 7 days a week, 7am - 9pm. If Shayna is unavailable, leave a message or text her, and she will call you back promptly.

Our Yoga Deal has great value. We expect this offer to sell out, so it's best to buy now.


Address: First Floor, 9-11 Little Bridge St, Ballarat.

The front door is on Little Bridge St, with our pink sign saying "Ballarat Iyengar Yoga".
We are not near Coles Ballarat or the Peel Street end of Little Bridge St.
We're near the Grenville St end of Little Bridge St diagonally opposite the pedestrian lights and next door to the Imagination Factory.
We're across from free 2 hour parking, and next to Ballarat Coliseum Walk crossing.
We're also diagonally opposite from the Beechworth Bakery on Grenville St.

oga at our Ballarat studio is within comfortable driving distance for those wanting yoga in Daylesford, Creswick, Ballan, Ararat, Trawalla, Hepburn Springs, Maryborough, Baccus Marsh and other towns in Ballarat region. Other students come from these towns, so please ask if you would like us to announce you are looking for yoga carpooling rides.

If you have questions, or for any reason you cannot buy your Beginner's Package online, you can call Shayna on Mobile 0412 123 821. You can call 7 days a week, 7am - 9pm. If Shayna is unavailable, leave a message or text her, and she will call you back promptly.

This is one of the highest quality and cheap yoga deals available.

Please Buy a Beginner Pass Now.

What people are saying about Ballarat Iyengar Yoga

"This is a fabulous studio for anyone wanting detailed instruction in yoga asana. The skill and knowledge of the teachers here has helped me address long standing alignment patterns that no other practice has been able to touch. Thank you Shayna and Jo!"

Robyn Sedqwick
"Picture a light-filled first-floor space with vases of beautiful flowers and potted plants on windowsills, and a south-facing view of distant trees. In that space— experienced teachers whose calm, kind presence and gentle assistance make every class a—challenging—pleasure.

Behind Ballarat Iyengar Yoga are decades of dedication by Shayna Ogden and the other teachers to their own practice and teacher training, and to helping students progress in ways that suit their bodies.

They give careful attention to the smallest things as they watch you moving into a pose. Their deep knowledge of anatomy, of how the body works and of the essential importance of alignment ensures that they'll guide you deftly and gently into the best way to move into and hold asanas for YOUR body. You learn to experience how you feel in your body differently. Your ideas about your body will change. Every sentence spoken by a teacher, every demonstration, expands your self-perception.

This is not trendy quick-fix yoga. This is a slow, patient, incremental journey towards a profound knowing and exploration of your body and psyche on many levels. This is powerful attention to something deeper, something ageless—to every animating force within each body that yearns towards its own unique harmony. And the ethos behind Ballarat Iyengar Yoga means that every student is guided towards it. I can't speak highly enough of the teachers there and of the experience they provide for their students."

Susie Surtees
"Excellent yoga studio! Real yoga worth committing to. Shayna shares her expertise and enthusiasm in a precise but caring way, I've always felt like I'm in good hands. Absolutely love Iyengar yoga. Thanks Shayna."

Lisa Hylan
"We love our teachers and the friendly atmosphere. Even though we arrive feeling a bit exhausted and decrepit at times - we always leave feeling so good after our sessions. Totally recommend BIY- keeps us sane, healthy and smiling."

Wendy Gordon
"Outstanding Yoga studio. Thanks Shayna and Jo. With your help I’m reshaping my body and interestingly my life. I didn’t realise the value and power of Yoga. Thanks heaps."

Murray Flitcroft
"BIY will transform your life, mind and body. From my first beginner class I was hooked. Thank you to all the inspirational instructors for your guidance and support. I truly cannot imagine my life without yoga in it.."

Angie Chambers

Payment by instalments are only available online via this page.
It cannot be done at the studio in cash, or any other way. But you can always do it online via your phone.
Instalments will begin immediately.
*More information on private health refunds for yoga can be found here.